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Charcuterie (noun) - A store selling cold meat. No... that isn't right... well, kinda. Graze (verb) - To feed on. Ok... A little of that. Ce.le.bra.tion (noun) - The action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.

Ooooh Yeeeaah... More of that.


Johnny & Glo curates custom boutique inspired celebration boxes for every occasion. We pride ourselves on supporting small local businesses collaborating to make unique offerings that provide you the chance to enjoy food, family, friends and a little fiesta. 

Established in 2021, the idea was born years before this, likely after the first lunchable in 1990, but sometimes good things have to wait. We are so much more than beautiful boxes of carefully sourced meats and cheeses, so much bigger than cupcakes and macarons. We are the feeling you get when you share with friends. When you build bites, build memories and binge on all the good stuff life has to offer. 


Who's Johnny? John K Blair is my Dad. He was taken from us too soon after a long fought battle with cancer. He was an artist, an entrepreneur and was always up for a celebration. 

Who's Glo? Gloria Strychar is my grandmother, the warmest soul you could ever know and the baker of the most outstanding chocolate cake you ever met. 

Who's Jade? That's me! Daughter of Johnny Granddaughter of Glo and the creative genius (I can say that if I am talking about myself, right?) behind Johnny & Glo. The curator of meats and cheeses and olives... mmmm... olives. The designer of every box, the baker, the gift giver, the lover of a good soirée, the joke teller, the dreamer. The one who is inspired by the memory that is the namesake of this business.


Every Little Thing Photography

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